Penny, Bethel, Vermont:  “Before my mother got your hose reel, she had tripped and broken her hip on her oxygen tubing.  Now she is able to move around in her house so much more safely.  Your hose reel has been an incredible blessing.”

Sally, Tucson, Arizona:  “Getting the Oxygen Ceiling Hose Reel in our home has tremendously reduced the burden of dragging an oxygen hose around on the floor everywhere I go, and has enormously improved our everyday lives.  No more tripping on the hose by grandchildren and guests, no more snagging the hose on a chair leg or whatever, no more sudden pulling the cannula out of my nose when the hose gets snagged, and no more holes bitten through the tubing by our cat.  Distributing the hose through empty space above the furniture from the ceiling has made life with oxygen SO MUCH LESS TROUBLESOME.  And it is so much easier to have the hose automatically retract and store out of the way by the hose reel when it is not needed.   I can never thank you enough for inventing this wonderful life saver.”

Jim, Houston, Texas:  “We were a little hesitant to try your hose reel that had to be mounted to the ceiling, but after living with it several weeks now, we are so glad we chose to go with it anyway.  It is worth every effort to install it ten fold.  It has proved to be everything we had hoped for, and more.”

Jane, Baltimore, Maryland:  “My brother and I went together to buy your ceiling hose reel for our mother, and she is so thankful for the change it has produced in her 24/7 life on oxygen.  What a great invention!”

John, Phoenix, Arizona:  “Really works great.  Thank you.”

Judy, Tucson, Arizona:  “Your ceiling hose reel has absolutely made my life with oxygen therapy so much more bearable.  I cannot thank you enough.”

David, Sierra Vista, Arizona:  “We have owned your ceiling hose reel for about three months now.  It is hard to imagine how anyone would consider any other option after discovering what your hose reel offers.”