(1) Most often, your Medical Oxygen Ceiling Hose Reel will be ready for shipment immediately after your request.  If we are out-of-stock, your order will always be shipped within three weeks or less.  We will answer any questions you have and will confirm a guaranteed delivery date by email and by phone.

Email:  o2ceilinghosereel@gmail.com.

Phone:  520 471-1182.

(2)  Please note that the MARK II HOSE REEL is normally supplied with 50 feet of tubing, and is suitable for nearly all normal homes and some mobile homes with a ceiling height of 7’07” or more.  If desired, you may specify that you want only a 40 foot tubing model, requiring a ceiling height of a minimum of just 5’11”.  The cost of either model is the same.  Just order the model appropriate for your ceiling height.

 (3) Provide your name and full mailing address to which your order is to be shipped.

(4)  You will receive by email or phone an alert that your order has been shipped.  When you order by credit card, your order will be shipped the next day.  When you order by COD, it will be shipped the next day COD, cash-only, by the US Postal Service.  The carrier will turn the shipment over to you only after you have given them cash-only.

Total amount: $499  (includes all taxes and shipping within the continental United States)

This total amount covers just barely the costs to manufacture the hose reel.  The inventor is selling it at his cost because he is dedicated to helping as many people as he can with his life-altering invention.

Owner’s and Inventor’s mailing address:

Richard Cromwell
1113 E Sandpiper Dr
Tempe, AZ 85283